About Us


Why we started Curled Lashes 💫

The idea for Curled Lashes came about during the April 2021 lockdown here in Melbourne.

We were at our local brow salon waiting in line to get an appointment before the mandatory “shut down” of all non-essential services. There were numerous women speculating when beauty salons would open again and when they would be able to get their lashes or brows done next.

This experience inspired us to find a salon quality, quicker and cheaper solution for women to lift their lashes and shape their brows at home with zero maintenance.

We believe we have created a product that will revolutionize your beauty routine! 

 ...And this is our mission at Curled Lashes: We want to create DIY affordable beauty products for women to get knock out lashes and brows that wow whilst maintaining the same quality you'd get from any beauty salon.